Vision System Design

Many benefits arise when your production or process gains "eyes" that never tire or lose focus. Yet, implementing vision systems for robotics or replacing manual inspections with cameras and AI often requires specialized knowledge, which we at Danish Technological Institute can provide

Vision Check (consulting service)

A quick test of an industrial product to test which sensor technology can do quality inspection or pick and place.

Vision POCs (experimentation service)

A more in depth proof of concept of a vision task. Performed on our sensor lab setups or we build a custom rack for it

Development Projects (experimentation service)

Partake in longer developments as subcontractor for larger projects with the customer. 

DTI Vision Box deployment (Test service)

Test Industrial quality inspection deployed tested and validated in a manufacturing line. Custom vision through the modular vision box.

TI CADMatcher research cell (experimentation service)

Development of 2D CAD based localization algorithms for robotic pick and place. Experimentation and testing on a wide variety of objects, from plastic handles to bolts and sheet metal parts.

Hyperspectral Imaging testbed with conveyor (experimentation service)

Investigation on spectral response of a large variety of test objects, from organic materials to plastic compositions. As well a research base for Deep learning-based methods.

Advanced 3D camera technologies (experimentation service)

Testing and performance evaluation of 3D imaging devices, an fusion of their 2D and 3D outputs, as well as using Deep Learning to locate unknown objects in bins for piece picking.

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