5G Industrial Communications Testing and Development Support

Testing and development of new activities in industrial wireless communications including wireless automation networks and data transmission with guaranteed latency and bandwidth.

5G campus networks offer new possibilities how to add additional data points from the shopfloor to a common data model that represents the production. This service offers installation of IoT devices and their customization to cover the needs of the customer for specific sensors and devices to be connected. Data transfer, storage, processing and analysis is also part of the solution.

This service also offers the possibility to measure the quality of the 5G signal at individual end-point devices to monitor continuously the network quality and sense in advance possible degradation, e.g., in case of moving a shelf in front of an antenna etc.

Benefits for companies:

  • Variability in connecting data end points from the production and instant monitoring of the 5G campus network quality of service.
  • Data acquisition, processing and analysis in open or dedicated database solutions.

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