Consortium member

Italian node

The MADE 4.0 national manufacturing competence centre in Milan leads the Node, which includes also the IT systems company Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, responsible for data sharing and research foundation Fondazione Bruno Kessler, expert in the practical implementation of vision IOT, fog and edge AI services. With their offices and facilities the Node-partners cover all Italian industrial regions.

Node members


MADE Competence Center I 4.0

MADE Competence Center I 4.0 is one of the 8 Italian Competence Centres, acknowledged as Digital Innovation Hub by European Commission.

MADE mission is to lead companies’ digital and sustainable transformation, providing companies with a complete service portfolio: informing and showing Industry 4.0 technologies (E), elaborating business and finance plans for digital transformation (B), explaining them by specific training activities (S), and then transferring and implementing technological solutions through projects (Test Before Invest).

MADE is therefore proposed as a technical partner to which companies can turn not only to manage activities of innovation, technology transfer, applied research and assistance during the implementation of 4.0 and AI technologies.

FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler

The Science and Technology Hub of FBK provides facilities for more than 350 researchers. Specifically, the Centre for Digital Industry will contribute with its extensive experience in digital AI solution.

With its 3,500 square meters of laboratories and scientific infrastructures and a community of over 450 researchers, 140 doctoral students, 200 visiting fellows and thesis students, 700 affiliates and accredited students combined, Fondazione Bruno Kessler acts as a scientific and technological hub, its premises and platforms hosting a lively ecosystem of co-located ventures, spin-offs, projects and training opportunities.

Examples of AI technologies shown

Artificial Intelligence – 5G – IoT Smart connected products – Digital backbone – Health and safety – Sustainability


Made Competence Center i4.0

  1. Virtual design & Product development
  2. Digital Twin and virtual commissioning,
    Lean 4.0, Logistics 4.0
  3. Collaborative robotics and intelligent worker assistance systems
  4. Quality 4.0,
    Product traceability & Additive manufacturing
  5. Smart monitoring & control of industrial processes, Smart energy monitoring & control, Smart maintenance
  6. Industrial cybersecurity and Big data analytics

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