Increase quality assurance by 100% high speed inline dimensional inspection for manufacturing characterized by defects, variation, customization, and/or complex organic shapes

Service description

This Quality Inspection Service demonstrates the first 100% inline quality control system with ability to fully-spherical visually ascertain breakages, warping, dimensions, morphological defects and metrology parameters like tolerances by using several CMM’s in combination with a takt time of 5 sec. per part (no matter the variety of parts) and fully traceable and stored measurement reports.
Expected results: – Evaluation of ability to leverage existing technology modules to cope a higher variety of parts beyond what is currently possible. – The gained knowledge and infrastructure applied to new segments of applications & SMEs – Technology modules enhanced to the most prominent cases.
Methodology: – Demonstration of current capabilities – Feasibility study assessing SME specific processes – Testing and Experimentation with different types of parts, e.g. metal parts or parts of different colors – Customization to address new and impactful use cases
Target: User

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