Increase speed, decrease cost, seize control of high mix, small series manufacturing characterized by infinite shape & material variation by end-to-end integration, digitalization, and factory and operator intelligence opportunities

Service description

At the pilot line setting SME’s can see and experience how different technology modules (workstations) are autonomously able to adjust to each other. This is based on the identification of parts, and above all the overarching software platform that coordinates the interaction. It enables end-2-end tracking&tracing and provides real time dashboards for operators and factory managers to stay or get in control, or all kinds of other data in order to slash non-value-added time and seamlessly integrate critical quality data in a production tracking system.
Expected results: Evaluation of ability to leverage existing technology for high variability of parts
Methodology: Demonstration Exploration with clients Testing with clients parts Experimentation (with adjustments to current set-up) based on clients new and highly potential use cases
Target: AI-User

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