Sorting of parts in order to reduce complexity, improve control of high mix, small series manufacturing characterized by infinite shape & material variation

Service description

SMEs can learn how to deal with the complexity of the infinite variety of parts and/or application of new manufacturing processes which they will encounter while transforming to digital and/or small series manufacturing. Services accelerate the complete journey, from first demonstration up to final business-casing. This sorting service using the vision-based object recognition solution to quickly sort the identified parts after each manufacturing or logistical step. The artificial intelligence capabilities are used to make the match with the bill of material for further processing (bin, QA, return conveyor, bagging, buffer storage etc.)
Expected results: – Evaluation of ability to leverage existing technology modules to cope a higher variety of parts beyond what is currently possible. – The gained knowledge and infrastructure applied to new segments of applications & SMEs – Technology modules enhanced to the most prominent cases.
Methodology: – Demonstration of current capabilities – Feasibility study assessing SME specific processes – Testing and Experimentation with different types of parts, e.g. metal parts or parts of different colors – Customization to address new and impactful use cases
Target: User

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