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Spanish node

The Spanish Node is coordinated by TECNALIA Research and Innovation centre. TECNALIA is part of the Node together with AIMEN-Technological Centre-, ITAINNOVA- the Aragón Institute of Technology- as well as AFM- the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools and cluster for advanced and digitalmanufacturing, which represents the industry’s interests.

The Spanish Node envisions the creation of cutting-edge testing and experimentation facilities, based on AIsolutions for the manufacturing sector, to support companies and technology providers to:

Evolve their manufacturing processes by means of a new paradigm for automated, digitised and flexible production with the support of the most advanced AI solutions.

Apply these solutions to the new processes emerging in a circular economy (efficient use of resources, eco-design and energy efficient products, efficient processes, design for circularity disassembly, remanufacturing, recycling, etc.) that will play a key role in the future of manufacturing industries and in the society in general.

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Node members


Tecnalia: coordinator

TECNALIA is the Spain’s largest research and technological centre and the country’s flagship in manufacturing innovation. TECNALIA is an applied and multidisciplinary centre with a multi-technological approach, to bring an industrial sense to the digital innovations integrated into new systems, materials, and technologies brought to us by Smart Manufacturing.

AFM: member

AFM, the Spanish national Association of Machine Manufacturers, is the cluster for advanced and digital manufacturing that represents the industry's interests and offers.

AIMEN: member

AIMEN it is an Innovation and Technology Centre highly specialised in materials and in advanced manufacturing technologies.


ITAINNOVA (ITAINNOVA - Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón) is the Aragon Institute of Technology of the regional government of Aragon.

Node members

Fraunhofer IPA

  • Leading the German node
  • Part of Fraunhofer organisation
  • Fraunhofer is biggest applied research organisation in Germany
  • Fraunhofer IPA focusses on manufacturing and automation

Lead contact
Dr. Björn Kahl

Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion (IEW)

  • Part of University of Stuttgart
  • Research focus on electrical machines and contactless energy transfer
  • Applications in the areas mobility, medical technology and industrial applications

Lead contact
Urs Pecha

Research Campus ARENA2036

  • Research campus with over 50 partners from industry and science on one platform
  • Focused on research in production and mobility
  • Establishing services with robotic infrastructure for AI applications

Lead contact
Frederik Wulle

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

  • National metrology institute
  • Founded 1887
  • Today: 3 sites, staff: ≈ 2000
  • Agency of Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
  • Division Precision Engineering focus: manufacturing metrology
  • Virtual instruments (dig. twin), Testing of algorithms for CMM


Lead contact
Dr. Harald Bosse

Strategic equipment of the node

The Spanish Node provides a structured set of physical and virtual services to companies through a multi-technological approach based on partner´s facilities.

Main equipment

  • Data capture and analytics Labs.
  • IA and robotics for fluid and flexible production testbeds.
  • Additive manufacturing Fab-labs (e.g. binder jetting with industrial capacity -singular equipment-).
  • High Performance Computing.
  • Advanced Composite cells.
  • Artificial vision systems and Labs.


Planned investment/infrastructure deployment

  • 4,3 MEur on new equipment, that complements the already existing one in the premises of the partners of the Node, as well as singular equipment.
  • TECNALIA´s planned investments represent more than 70% of the total Node.
    Artificial vision systems and Labs.

Node services

For End users we demonstrate the potential of AI-based solutions to solve industrial challenges in the following areas:

  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes and plant management systems.
  • Flexible and collaborative robotics.
  • Circular economy applied to materials and products.
  • Energy efficiency.

Our enabling technologies AM, laser systems, computer vision, perception systems, digital twins, distributed computing, HPC.

For Tech. providers we test and experiment AI-based solutions, deployed in physical and digital infrastructures in different sectors and areas of interest.

  • Deployment of hardware solutions in advanced manufacturing environments.
  • Support to the development and provision of high value-added data.
  • Modelling and simulation for the development of software solutions and algorithms in virtual environments.
  • Benchmarking of off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Validation of AI algorithms for different virtual and physical manufacturing environments.
  • Regulation / testing of solutions in regulated environment.

The Spanish Node is at the heart of the most vibrant manufacturing ecosystem. Our services target industry and tech. providers needs from different manufacturing sectors with a multi-technological focus.

Node illustrative services

Robot based services to manage elements currently excluded from automated systems in warehouses (for reasons of volume, weight or disparity).

Experimentation services already in place:

  • Automatic generation of collision-free trajectories by means of collaborative robots.
    • Static strategy: programmes the trajectory and, based on the information captured, identifies the most optimal trajectory.
    • Advanced strategy: automatically generates the trajectories, making calculations and recalculating in real time for the most optimal movement.

  • Flexible Robot: Automatic or easy programming of robotic cells.
    • Interpreted by a simple skills-based programming environment that reads from the CAD support operators to generate the robot program automatically.
    • Robot services to fully automatise packages transfer.
    • The service applies to logistic centres and different areas avoiding manual work and ergonomic problems for the operators.

First industrial outreach

B2B with companies in events such as:

  • Industria Conectada (2-3 Oct.) and Industry Days(4-6 Oct.) exhibitions in Málaga.
  • 23 CMH The Manufacturing Congress (25-27 Oct.) San Sebastian.
  • EBDVF 2023 Data & AI in action: sustainable impact and future realities (25-27 Oct. Valencia)
  • MANUFUTURE (upcoming in Nov. 23-24).
  • Main planned industrial outreach is the 32 BIEMH, Bilbao, June 24.

Contact the AI Matters community to discover how our services will enhance your manufacturing project with AI technologies