3D bin-picking of unsorted parts

3D bin-picking set-up with ability to identify and properly grasp unsorted parts, including shiny objects

3D bin-picking is a technique whereby a robot knows how to recognize and pick up unsorted parts from a bin. A technique that combines robotics, software, camera and image processing. 

However, bin picking does pose some difficulties. For example, a robot’s arm is sometimes unable to reach objects properly, it has difficulty grasping flat objects, and the system has difficulty distinguishing shiny metals or metals smeared with a bit of oil.

The set-up available at the Factory of the Future Experience Centre at the BIC works with a sofisticated, dual laser camera, so it can also see shiny objects.

The software can also create a digital twin of the setup, bin, parts, robot arm and gripper. This way, the setup can first be extensively tested, simulated and optimized before the required investment in hardware has to be made.

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