Data-driven ESG reporting

Integrated monitoring system will help companies to get complex data for European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

Development of a tailor-made technical solution for the shopfloor and business operations within the value chain to cover ESRS reporting with a focus on ESRS E1 Climate change and ESRS E5 Resource use and circular economy. An integrated monitoring and metering system for industrial enterprises for an ongoing distributed monitoring of energy and other inputs consumption (steam, compressed air etc.) will be linked to the company’s control and information systems. The consumption of energy circuits will be linked to data from business operations. Such a comprehensive system will enable effective production planning and decision-making in line with ESG principles. The flexibility of production will be increased in terms of responsiveness to the energy networks of the future and limitations of capacities of local energy resources. Enterprises will be able to build an appropriate distribution between consumption and production supply and compile an accurate model with inputs for the energy bill. The principles of this system can be developed further to cover E5 parameters also in terms of material management and waste outputs.

  • Extension of the data monitoring from the production with data points relevant for the data-driven ESG reporting.
  • Provision of information for data-driven optimization of the production.

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