Dual cobot manipulation

Testing grippers and manipulation strategies, before investing time in automation.


You want to experiment whether one or two cobots can be used to automate a task in the production line. A single arm could be utilized for product singulation, e.g. in a bin- or heap picking task. The dual arm setup extends the ability towards tasks where humans normally need both their hands. Examples could be (dis)assembly tasks, packaging or introducing products to the production line. Perhaps you already have one or more manipulation approaches, with different grippers, in mind and want to do a quick test to decide which approach to take.


Use a human-in-the-loop approach to test the potential of the proposed manipulation solutions on the relevant objects. The objects are placed on the table in front of the robot arms. The human will take the manual controllers and tries to manipulate the object to achieve the desired result, e.g. picking up the object.

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