Robotic Intra-logistics Testing

Testing the solutions in complex industrial environment in connection to many technologies in customer-defined scenarios.

The service offers experiments and tests with robots of different types (fixed, mobile, UGV, UAV…) in complex industrial environments equipped with precise optical localization systems. It also offers support for AI implementation and development of AI-based systems for perception and control in mobile robots including advanced human-machine interfaces. Two main scenarios are considered – the first one allows testing of customer systems (robots) and subsystems (e.g. path-planning) in complex industrial environments to check compliance with safety and performance requirements. The second one allows experiments with robots available in testbeds to evaluate the suitability of different types of robots for customer-defined defined missions.

Benefits for companies:

  • Possibility to test customer’s solutions in complex industrial environment and their operation in connection to many other technologies (5G, AR/VR, automation networks, ….). 
  • Expertise in building own robotic systems allowing support for development of new robots and/or implementation of mobile robots in customer defined scenarios.

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