AI for predictive maintenance application for machine builder

Service description

The goal is to expand the monitoring solutions of manufacturing systems by equipping them with AI-based solutions dedicated to predictive maintenance. Specifically, using monitoring data, the service provides the ability to create AI-based solution that can add predictive maintenance module, with which the plant could predict potential failures before they occur and could provide the suggestion on how to solve them
Expected results: AI-base solution able to: 1) Support operator intervention: he is called to actively interact with predictive system 2) Implement Human-machine interface: the system will have to ensure simple management, considering also predictive analyses 3) Optimize maintenance activities: the related activities are the result of planning, to be remodeled by organizing opportunistic maintenance ij coherence with predictive analytics (Cloud, Big Data, Analytics)
Methodology: – Needs , – Requirements and Feasibility Analysis – Data Preparation; – On site Test before Invest
Target: Industrial plant Provider

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