Asset Tracking Experimentation

Service description

Support in asset tracking through the use of selected technologies (e.g., GPS, WIFI, BLE, UWB) based on the company’s transportation and logistics requirements. The service includes an analysis/assessment phase and adoption of the selected technologies for a limited period in order to test and experiment the technical and functional requirement of technology adopted
Expected results: Series of Exèperiments needed to validate the following features:  – Comunication functionalities (Precisons, Latency, etc.)  – Cognitive functionalities of logistic system able to know and to making movements within an area by orienting and recognizing obstacles  – test and validation of fleet management system
Methodology: – Needs and Requirements –  Analysis, of Concept; – Data Preparation Pipelines, – On site Test before Invest
Target: Industrial Real time location systems provider Intralogistic solution provider

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