Flexible Assembly with AI powered learning

Service description

Service showcasing AI technology to guide a human operator during the assembly and disassembly of the product. The machine provides interactive training and learning solution for the human operator. The machine using the vision system checks the quality of the product and helps human operator to get up to speed very quickly. A “hand-tracing” subsystem can be used for different features related to hand movements of an operator, such as full description of the assembly / disassembly process, determination of level of experience, confidence, optimal sequence of component placement, etc. Applied digital twin technology provides possibility to test different design changes and simulate them in an environment, test them and get some real values before changes are implemented in machine. Digital Twin can be also used for virtual learning without interfering with the production line on real machine to save time, reduce impact on production and allow people to train people remotely as well.
Expected results: Technology evaluation
Target: AI-User

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