Industrial Digital Twins

Service description

Digital Twins integrated with AI algorithms have the potential of transforming manufacturing by enabling among others contextualized real-time data analytics, and more accurate simulations of what-if scenarios. This service encompasses the creation of precise virtual replicas of physical manufacturing systems such as robotic cells. The robotic cell to focus can be selected among a set of high / low payload industrial or high / low collaborative robots or mobile robot manipulators or AGVs according to the needs of each company. Experimentation with customized functionalities and adjustments tailored to specific company needs, such as supervision, virtual commissioning, motion planning, task planning, and energy efficiency can be included as part of the service. Leveraging advanced AI and IoT connectivity, digital twins can be continuously updated with live data, enabling detailed analysis and optimization of workflows, predictive maintenance, and rapid scenario testing.
Expected results: report describing the benefits or disadvantages of implementing the investigated scenario or report discussing the performance of the tested AI solution or demonstration of tested solution and report describing the benefits of the solution
Methodology: Exploration with the client, e.g. technical analysis, feasibility concept.
Target: Technology providers wanting to expand to new manfuacturing sectors / case studies, or testing the integration of AI algorithms with Digital Twins AI end-users looking for ways to test the AI-enhanced capabilities of Digital Twins to support their production, or enhance the performance of Digital Twins that they may already have.

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