Intelligent quotation suite platform

Service description

The service aims to develop logic and algorithms needed to make accurate estimates in terms of forecasting costs and necessary activities. This service consists of several activities: 1) analysis of the quotation object, identifying the technical, economic requirements 2) development and testing of a platform capable of adapting the mathematical model to the requirements gathered 3) integration with a data collection system necessary to measure the actual cost of implementation 4) introduction of an intelligent system capable of detecting deviations between budget and actual costs by providing a cognitive engine capable of training the algorithm
Expected results: Ai-based solution: 1) Technical and business requirements; 2) Data field collection for cost monitoring; 3) Intelligent quotation platform activities.
Methodology: – Needs and Requirements Analysis; –  Analysis, of Concept; – Data Preparation Pipelines; – On site Test before Invest
Target: – Industrial product provider\n – Platform Provider

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