Measuring human factor risk: Social Driven Vulnerability Test

Service description

Measuring the risk arising from a company’s human factor by simulating a highly customized phishing campaign aligned with the most “aggressive” attack techniques used in real attacks. The outcome of the phishing campaign provides valuable insights to assess the cyber risk arising from the human element of security and set subsequent mitigation action through awareness or training to employees. The service includes two rounds of “in the field” simulation of a highly contextualized phishing campaign, interspersed with specific training sessions.
Expected results: Series of experiments needed to test:  – vulnerability assessment of the industrial asset  – the risk of the industrial asset to integrate with other actors ( edge computing, sensors, IoT solutions)  – Procedures to mitigate the identified risk
Methodology: – Needs and Requirements –  Analysis, of Concept; – Data Preparation Pipelines, – On site Test before Invest
Target: Industrial plant or asset provider

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