Smart Digital Twin for Product Design

Service description

The service aims at supporting the innovation within new product development process by adding the use of a digital twin and its functionalities: virtualization of product models to be used for UX (user experience) testing, evaluations of design variables and decrease of costly prototype construction. For this, a modular methodolgy is proposed. It is based on the ability to validate technical prerequisites (presence of an accurate design in 3D CAD), to simulate new product design and to integrate with apposite algorithm the robust and complete data integration between design and company infomative system.
Expected results: AI-base solution able to: 1) Automated workflow of New Product Development 2) Automated Design review process for optimizing the ergonomics and functional features of the product order to facilitate product usability 3) Virtual Environment Realization for product representation
Methodology: – Needs and Requirements – Analysis of Concept; – Data Preparation Pipelines, – On site Test before Invest
Target: Custom Product Provider

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