Smart Digital Twin of Industrial Plant for service delivery

Service description

The service aims at supporting those companies that want to provide services and/or simulation model dedicated for digital twin implementation applied at industrial plant. In particular, this service contributes to provide skills, know-how and AI-based tool for generating different application scenarios where it is possible to analyze, to test and to validate the characteristics of the solution to be implemented, its technical aspects and the metrics for evaluating the goodness of industrial system operation that will be simulated within digital twin.
Expected results: AI-base solution able to: 1) Especially validated simulation model for industrial company that needs to simulate its industrial processes 2) Ability to test the information flow among the physical, digital and virtual worlds in order to support the creation of a functioning process digital twin
Methodology: – Needs and Requirements – Analysis, of Concept; – Data Preparation Pipelines, – On site Test before Invest
Target: Custom Product Provider

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