Use of simulation to optimize production lines

Service description

Use of simulation tools for the optimisation and design of production lines, virtual commissioning or training of operators. For given use cases, create digital twins from AI based models at different levels of abstraction (multiphysics simulation, management of large point clouds, interactive simulation) and use it to demontrate added value for manufacturing applications
Expected results: 1) optimize production lines reconfiguration by virtual commissionning 2) optimize use and maintenance of an industrial equipement (robot cell, production machine) with the digital twin updated via the cloud, based on data collected during product use and maintenance, 3) training of operators in their tasks based on on process work instructions, linked to physical industrial equipment.
Methodology: – Operating the simulation/modeling environnement – Collecting input Data – Developing a prototype of the Digital twin – Demonstrating the benefit of the tool in the customer context
Target: Machine and robot Providers\n Manufacturers interested in optimizing and monitoring the production process\n Users to optimize production process and operator training

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